Buddhist Pilgrimage

Nepal in the Himalayan lap has always been a sacred retreat center for religious practices. The internal strife and invasion adversely effected dissemination of Buddhism in the place of its origin (Border of India and Nepal). The mountainous country of Nepal became safe haven for Buddhist practice for centuries. Kathmandu and its periphery have hundreds of meditation caves, monasteries and stupas related with Bodhisattvas, Shiddhas and Buddha. Here one can find medication cave of Guru Padmaswambhava, Milarepa, Naropa and Tilopa. The Maratika cave of Halesi and Namobuddha are two most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites outside Kathmandu. Most importantly, the birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini falls at present in Nepal. Over 60 archaeological sites have been identified around Lumbini including the only surviving, unexcavated Buddha relic Stupa of Ramgram.

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