Homestay opportunities range from a complete family experience to basic room rental. The goal of a homestay is for the guest to be immersed in their host's culture. The guest may participate in family activities, including dining out, going to amusement parks, camping, and traveling. The visiting guest may be expected to pay a portion of the activity-related costs, such as tickets, parking, gas and travel expenses.

Host families can play a pseudo-parental role, giving advice and sometimes supervising students' activities. In many homestays, families act as cross-cultural advisers, helping the students understand and adjust to their new culture. In other homestays, guest may simply rent a room within a private home, with minimal supervision from the host.

Nepal homestay guidelines state that the concerned family should make all efforts to give a taste of the local Nepali culture and cuisine to visitors thus helping in further enhancing the image of Nepal tourism. It is essential for hygienic and well facilitated rooms and services to be provided.

All houses participating in the Nepal homestay program have to ensure cleanliness and a safe and secure environment. There must be adequate toilet and bathroom facilities. These are the basic criteria required for Nepal homestays. Regarding urban area homestays, a participating house can accommodate only four tourists per night so that there is less negative impact on the business of regular Nepali hotels. Nepal homestay guidelines also require visitors to be served whatever food the homeowners themselves eat. Guests too are requested by the Nepal homestay guidelines to adhere to a code of conduct which states that they should dress in an appropriate manner and promote their Nepali hosts’ culture and tradition. Nepal homestay guests are also asked to enter and leave homes only within the prescribed times

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